Samara Paiva

Samara Paiva (1995, Maués - AM) is a visual artist who lives and works in São Paulo. Her artistic practice involves investigating, through painting, the behavior of the black body in domestic space and its relationship with intimacy. Samara explores how this environment allows for the humanization and constant vulnerability of these bodies, creating space for contemplation and room for subjectivity. Exploring the materiality of oil paint is one of the pillars of her practice; by delving into the plasticity of the paint, she can distort and blur the lines that divide the concrete and the abstract. For the artist, low contrast, night, and shadows are instruments of freedom.
NONADA SSA • Popcorn01/18/24 to 04/13/24
NONADA ZN • Primordial Chaos12/09/24 - 04/06/24