Andy Villela

Andy Villela, 1994, was born in Rio de Janeiro. Places painting as the cornerstone of her artistic production. Influenced by abstractionism, she communicates through unconscious symbols, allowing stimuli where different colors, shapes, and paths give meaning to her production through her elaboration process. Her work begins with the contact with materials and how they draw an investigative language linked to pictorial experimentation, thus raising questions about social rationality and the rules of technical painting. In an emancipatory rescue for the creation of her own language, the artist pays special attention to the bodily contact with the world and tools, especially the surface, paint, and brush. Her painting blends the figurative and the abstract, distancing the possibility of a literal interpretation and creating tension between human scale and other spatialities. She explores meanings and emotions through her movements, revealing the poetry of her painting, which transcends figurative dependency and constructs a non-linear narrative beyond mere chance.
NONADA SSA • Popcorn01/18/24 to 04/13/24
NONADA ZN • Primordial Chaos12/09/24 - 04/06/24
NONADA ZS • Nebula06/17 - 08/12/23
NONADA ZS • Fetish: Portrait03/18 - 04/08/23
NONADA ZN • The Word: verse / The Word: prose11/19/22 - 03/04/23