Raphael Medeiros

In his research, the artist explores fictionalism and reality while witnessing scenes of lived, narrated, dreamed, and invented memories. His paintings and installations draw from objects and structures found on film sets, expanding the debate of cinematic language beyond the film itself. In 2023, he delivered his first solo exhibition at Nonada ZN, was selected for Abre Alas at A Gentil Carioca gallery, and approved in the call for the expanded cinema laboratory at the MAM Cinematheque. His film "Food Chain" was licensed by Canal Brasil and won the SPFF - São Paulo Film Festival in 2019, with an honorable mention at the Penedo Cinema Circuit in Alagoas. As a debut director, his work "In Depth" was the winner of the O Cubo festival at the Federal Justice Cultural Center in 2016. That same year, he directed campaign films for Marielle Franco and taught cinematic language at the Darcy Ribeiro Film School.
NONADA ZN • Said Nothing More12/09/23 to 05/25/24