ARCO Lisboa 2024

NONADA + Danielian Galeria

Manuel Messias
João do Nascimento

05/23 - 05/26/24

To celebrate the co-representation of Manuel Messias's estate, Nonada, in partnership with Danielian Galeria, participated in Arco Lisboa 2024 in the "The Forms of the Ocean" sector curated by Igor Simões and Ana Paula Nascimento, establishing a dialogue between Messias and the powerful paintings of the young Bahian artist João do Nascimento.

SP-Arte 2024


Humberto Espíndola

04/03 a 04/07/24

Nonada's guiding principle is the importance of curation. The research of new artists focuses on peripheral issues that go beyond geographic definitions, understanding the term as central to contemporary issues such as sexuality, gender, race, and creed, as well as establishing dialogues with established artists and seeking out and rescuing fundamental artists from the Brazilian contemporary scene. For its first participation in SP-Arte, Nonada presented a solo exhibition by the artist Humberto Espíndola, an indispensable artist from Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazilian art, with exhibitions of great importance such as the Venice and São Paulo Biennials in his curriculum. Despite being in production for years, his work had not been presented mainly in the Southeast, and also in an individual manner.

Art Rio 2023



09/13 to 09/17/2023

NONADA debuted at ArtRio 2023, participating in the SOLO program with the artist Leoa. At booth S12, two series of paintings were presented: the first explores still lifes focused on everyday life in the periphery, and the second showcases landscape views based on photographs. Both series embody the poetic use of colors from Leoa's daily life. Leoa's work intuitively reflects expressionism, incorporating gesture and materiality to depict scenes from daily life in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro, avoiding figurative clichés."

Art Rio 2023

Institucional Casa NEM and NONADA

Miguel Afa
Melissa de Oliveira
Iah Bahia
Andy Villela
Andre Barion
Lucas Almeida
Bruno Alves
Renan Andrade
Chacha Barja

09/13 to 09/17/2023

In institutional partnership with Casa Nem, Nonada was also present at booth I02 in the EXPANSÃO program, where it curated a collective exhibition of 25 works, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, objects, and photographs. The selection featured artists from Nonada and other spaces, such as Miguel Afa, Leoa, Melissa de Oliveira, Siwaju, Iah Bahia, Andy Villela, Andre Barion, Lucas Almeida, Bruno Alves, Renan Andrade, Chacha Barja, among others, whose works and concepts engage with Nonada's language and the institutional cause of Casa Nem. All proceeds were entirely donated to the institution."